July 31, 2017

America the Beautiful

It’s coming. This tsunami of My love. My power. My kindness. Everyone will see My kindness although some will doubt it’s Me and will attribute it to almost anything else. Odd that so many people’s faith is in everything but Me.

But that’s about to change. Some will have whiplash from the instant paradigm shifts they are soon to experience. Substantial miracles. Unusual healings, including land. There’s going to be such a breath of fresh air in the nation that people will comment on it. Some will see allergies and bronchial problems suddenly disappear. People will literally feel the difference and remark on it. A heaviness in the atmosphere is about to lift.
There’s been much intercession and now it’s time to witness greater results from what has already taken place. Freedom. Freedom. Freedom. There’s about to be much greater clarity both in the air and in people’s minds. They are going to be able to think clearly. No distortion or confusion clouding their thinking. It’s a new day. A new way. A new path for My beloved America.

America the Beautiful will be lovely once again. From sea to shining sea, she will shine forth My glory. Nations will look to you, America, for guidance, for truth, for the right path. You will once again export righteousness and be a leader of wholesomeness. Purity will be your hallmark. Righteousness, truth and purity will now come forth in greater measure. Increase. Look for righteous leaders to be leading in all areas of society. The great exchange began November 8th last year, and it will be speeded up now. Watch and see. Enjoy My work, for I’m bringing you forth, America, as My trophy. A bright light to the nations.

January 9, 2017


The Dream

Monday morning I woke up with a dream about a baby coming. I didn’t know where the baby was coming from because none of us, as far as I knew in the dream, were actually pregnant. I was with a few other people and we were very comfortable. Not frantic or anything. We were making the baby’s room in a basement, actually in the basement of the house I grew up in. We were arranging the furniture, the baby bed and changing table, etc. I even went upstairs to get linens from my mother for the baby’s bed and changing table. This area of the basement was not cluttered but neither was it part of a finished basement. Cement floor. Block unfinished walls. In the dream we were trying to tidy it up to look like a baby’s bedroom.

The Interpretation

A new baby is coming and there is this getting ready for it. This appears to be the transition going on in our nation with the inauguration of Donald Trump on January 20th. I believe the baby is going to change all our lives. It will still have it’s bedroom in the basement, so under the ground’s surface, when the baby arrives. I think that reflects the prayers of the saints and also the Church arising, making their corporate voice heard once again… like the 24/7 national prayer conference calls going on. The Church is still somewhat hidden below ground but that baby’s arrival is going to change life as we have known it in the past.

December 28, 2016


In the season We’ve entered, you will see some remarkable transformations before your eyes. Yes, very remarkable … so instantly transformed, and some will be very public figures, that it will circulate all over the news. Everywhere. But I tell you now that it will escalate and many, many more will receive Me and know My transformative, supernatural power.

Marjorie, I’m going to make the news cycles. People everywhere will be talking about Me, testifying of My greatness. My kindness. My goodness. I will permeate the airwaves. Right now My people’s prayers are penetrating the airwaves and the heavens are beginning to breathe fresh air once again. It will go from the prayers penetrating to Holy Spirit permeating – that’s where we’re going.

My children are waking up. Some are ruling as I had planned and commanded. Many more of My followers will come into their purpose and therefore in the Ecclesia, My ruling body. Yes, the Ecclesia has come forth and many more members will be added to it. The enemy of your souls is quaking and being turned back at the gate. Truly, the gates of hell will not prevail against the Ecclesia. Rule and reign in the midst of your enemies. I have placed a banquet table in their midst and I’ve anointed My Ecclesia with oil.

Great days are before America. Days that were even greater than your forefathers walked and lived in. But your forefather’s are not made complete without this present generation’s purpose being fulfilled. (Hebrews 11:40)

I’ve looked forward to this time for so long. I’ve longed to see America, My beautiful nation, return whole-heartedly to Me and Our Father.

October 12, 2016


Mercy triumphs over judgment. It’s a time of triumph. It’s a time to triumph. You will see triumph, after triumph, after triumph.

So many of My people think I delight in judgment but I don’t. I emphatically do not! Judgment is My last resort and America has not come to that place. It’s mercy now. And it will be seen across the land, astounding many. Many of My children. Believers. But they don’t know how good I am. You do. You received the revelation of My goodness and it changed you! It has also enabled Me to demonstrate My goodness to you in abundant blessings. And I tell you, you ain’t seen nothing yet! Blessings will truly overtake you, dear one. It is such a delight to bless you because you know where the blessings come from.

Continue to partner with Me on behalf of America. Great change is coming. Great, great change. And it will take many by surprise. Some will be shocked by the quickness of the change.

I have shown you that I’m kicking out from underneath the wicked rulers and leaders the thrones they’ve been sitting on (ruling from). I’m kicking out those thrones because I am putting in righteous leaders in their stead. Yes, righteous leaders will once again lead America.

Remember “Shock and Awe?” That war strategy? Well, that’s what I am doing. First it will be shock and then there will be the awe. So Marjorie, do not fear. Do not be anxious. I am in charge and I have set many, many pieces in place. They will all show results that will shock. But the pieces, the players, are doing their part. Dutch Sheets is going to re-dig those wells of mercy in the founding locations of America that I used Chuck Pierce to direct him to: Cape Henry, Plymouth, York, Jamestown, Boston, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C. Mercy wells will be untapped and mercy will once again flow across America.

There will be a cleansing in the year to come. A great cleansing. I will wash away the sin; I will forgive and heal your land. I have heard from heaven and have been moving heaven and earth on your (America’s) behalf. America will once again be leading. America will be great again. You saw My plan last night (through Glory of Zion’s Head of the Year and Dutch Sheet’s talk) and now go out and broadcast it far and wide. My mercy triumphs over judgment and America will see My mercy.

September 24, 2015

United States of America

A teutonic shift is coming now in your nation. You will see an uprising of My army … people everywhere bringing Me into their lives, workplaces and free time. An explosion of light! It’s an explosion of Me! Everywhere!

Darkness will not be able to hide even though it will try tremendously hard to do so. But it can’t hide. Light exposes! Light uncovers. Truth is seen and people will be appalled, disgusted, and will run away from the darkness being exposed.

Laws are going to be overturned. Righteousness is flooding in. You saw My army going everywhere! That’s what’s now coming. And they will bring in honesty, integrity, goodness, humility, honor, righteousness. Multitudes will cry, “What must we do to be saved”? It’s time. What a day!

And soon coming is the main feature … My second coming! Oh joy!

September 14, 2015

President Obama’s Administration

This administration will eat their own words and will now be the most transparent administration in the history of the United States. I will continue to shine My light and expose the darkness that has been hidden. Yes, they will be transparent, not from their own initiative but from Mine. All will see what is there.

Light exposes and I am even now releasing more “whistle-blowers” who will shine more and more light. Exposure. It will no longer be business as usual. The game is up. It can no longer be played and will now stop. Transparency, yes, but by My doing.