Do you believe you are “in full-time ministry?”

Let me tell you my story. Years ago I received a powerful impartation directly from the Holy Spirit, and afterwards, I prayed repeatedly and fervently for God to take me out of my job in insurance. I wanted to work FULL-TIME for the Lord!

My worldview was that I believed “full-time ministry” meant I had to work inside a church or para-church ministry… NOT in a “secular” job!

Today, I know my thinking was totally wrong then. How could I change the world by disengaging?!?
The truth is God wants to use us wherever we are and wherever we work! He wants us to be the salt and light of the world wherever we go. So whether you work in business or education, in media or in government, in the arts, or WHEREVER…

The place you work is your ministry!


Founder and Director