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Five years ago I watched Bill Johnson online, the former Senior Pastor of Bethel Church in Redding, California. He gave a message based on Psalm 115. It so stirred my heart that I took notes. The essence of Psalm 115 is that we become like whatever we worship. This blog asks the question: What do […]

Sounds of Revival

Sounds of revival are being heard in our land. Prophets have been prophesying a “turnaround” for America and I believe the time has arrived! It’s time for abundant signs to be seen throughout the land. The remnant is awake and now the rest of the Church is beginning to awaken. Some prophets had spoken that […]

The Old Testament as a Shadow of the New

Unlike many Christians, I absolutely LOVE the Old Testament! It is a type and a shadow of the good things which were to come in Christ Jesus. The stories tell of real people, including their difficulties and their failures. They weren’t “photo-shopped” to make them look good. ? In speaking about the Old Testament, Hebrews […]

Are You Part of God’s Army?

The Lord is asking you, “Are you AWOL?” For those unfamiliar with this acronym, it stands for  “absent without leave.” AWOL is a military term. It was/is used in the military for those who leave their position or job without permission, where they abdicate or relinquish their responsibilities. God has called ALL of us to […]