Sounds of Revival

Sounds of revival are being heard in our land. Prophets have been prophesying a “turnaround” for America and I believe the time has arrived! It’s time for abundant signs to be seen throughout the land. The remnant is awake and now the rest of the Church is beginning to awaken.

Some prophets had spoken that the week of Passover would be the turning point. Passover began the evening of April 8, continuing until April 16th. On the morning of April 7th I was worshiping the Lord and praying when suddenly out of my mouth came a song. The melody was from the old song, “What a Day for a Daydream”. The Lord sang three verses, all in rhyme, through me; but when I came out of His presence and tried to write the words down, I could only recall one verse, and that was not perfectly. This is what the Lord sang:

What a difference a week makes;
You’re gonna see Me breaking through.
What a difference this week makes;
For now you’ll see we’re coming through.
So lift up your eyes and look all around;
People coming, coming out of their towns.
Coming to Me from everywhere;
It’s now upon us;
It’s harvest time!

God says, what a difference this week makes. What week? The week of Passover. It’s on God’s timeline for the United States of America. He said it’s time for the harvest to begin. The American prophet, Bob Jones, had prophesied a billion soul harvest. God says that the harvest is now to begin. A multitude of people coming into the Kingdom of God.

The Church has long prayed for revival but revival cannot simply be reviving the Church. It must include a transformation in the world around us. Cultural reformation. Without the Church going out of its doors, the world will not be changed. The Lord told us to pray for His Kingdom to come. His will to be done. Here on earth as it is in heaven. Therefore, we need to bring His rule and reign into our spheres of influence. Into Government. Education. Media. the Family, Arts & Entertainment, Economy, Military, Police and Firemen, Medicine, etc.

The late Bill Bright, founder of Campus Crusade for Christ, wrote the book, The Coming Revival. He gave six points about revival.

  1. It is a sovereign act of God
  2. It is a divine visitation
  3. It’s a time of personal humiliation, forgiveness, and restoration in the Holy
  4. During revival, preaching is fearless under the anointing of Holy Spirit
  5. The presence of Holy Spirit is powerful
  6. Revival changes communities and nations

It’s this last point that the Church cannot miss. There have been many revivals in the past but few to none caused a lasting change in the culture. They did not reform it. I believe past revivals lacked a revelation that the Church was supposed to be a light in the world. The phrase may have been spoken, but there was little understanding of “how”. We simply brought our lights to shine inside the church. Not outside. The failure of that is now seen in Media, in Arts & Entertainment, in Education, and in Government. The Church was supposed to bring God’s principles and truth and justice into the world, but we failed.

Then Holy Spirit gave the revelation of what is now called the 7 Mountains. Actually, that revelation was first given to Bill Bright and Loren Cunningham, founder of Youth with a Mission. 7 Mountains is the name given for the cultural influencers. Do we have righteous and just laws coming from the government? Are our children being taught truth as seen in God’s precepts? Is the family mountain protecting children? Why has infanticide been legitimized in some states? We could ask many questions but it all comes down to one thing. The Church has not been influencing culture. Unfortunately, quite the opposite has happened. The world’s culture has influenced the Church.

But the Church is beginning to find her voice again. We are rising up and bringing more of God’s light into the world. I believe the world has been crying out for righteousness and justice. Proverbs 29:2 “When the righteous increase, the people rejoice, but when the wicked rule, the people groan.” God is giving America a second chance, an opportunity for the Church to be the light He intended her to be. Let’s not miss this opportunity. Shine your light everywhere you go. Bring in God’s goodness to everyone around you.