Countdown to a New Beginning eBook


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People today, both Christian and non-Christian alike, are sensing there is a change coming. Something is about to happen.

This 130 page book highlights what the Holy Spirit has been doing in the earth. The nation of Israel is looked at as God’s prophetic time clock. Present-day signs are connected with prophecy foretold thousands of years ago by various authors from the Bible. The biblical analogy of the Bride of Christ is looked at in relationship to a Jewish wedding 2000 years ago, how our marriage to our bridegroom Jesus relates to the feasts of the Lord, and discusses where it may fit in eschatology, the study of the end times.

I began writing Countdown to a New Beginning in the fall of 2010. Then on January 14, 2011, I sensed the Lord saying “The stage is set. The players are in position. Act III is about to begin.” It seemed like God was placing a divine exclamation mark on this work.


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